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Preparing for Small Classroom Groups with Half Moon Tables

Education has come a long way. Despite the fact that we still imagine a classroom fully of forward-facing desks and teachers that never smile, the reality of the modern classroom is entirely different than the one we see in those old TV movies. More often than not, teachers interact with students on a regular basis […]

Finding a New Home for the Wardrobe

C. S. Lewis was undoubtedly the first person to make the “wardrobe” into one of the most intriguing pieces of furniture in the house (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe). But with almost every house today having its own storage closet, entry way closet, and walk in closet, the classic wardrobe seems to be […]

Introducing Preschool Chairs

Preschool can be a little bit misleading if you’re an educator in elementary or secondary classrooms. For teachers, preschool is actually the week of preparations and meetings before the students come back in August. They arrange their classroom furniture, help the assistant principal with other school furniture, and make plans that help start off their […]

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