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Summertime Teachers and New Technology for the Next Year

Over the summer, teachers all over the country take several weeks off, but rarely do good teachers spend that time doing nothing. In most cases, they’re already planning for the next year, attending various trainings, investing in classroom furniture and resources, and studying new methods for instruction. Teachers want to be successful in the lives […]

Addressing the Skeleton Display in a Science Classroom

Children and teenagers will forever be intrigued with bones, fossils, and skeletons. Their appeal is not about a morbid fascination with death. Kids just happen to enjoy seeing and exploring the way our human body works. They relate to the human body and find their connection to science through its study. But if we’re being […]

Observations of Earth from the Science Classroom

If you were under the impression that NASA has pretty much viewed all of the Earth it can possibly see, then Monday’s news might come as a shock. The United States just launched a satellite specifically designed to observe the Earth’s climate and urban patterns while it orbits 438 miles above the atmosphere. Whether or […]

Rolling Cabinets and Active Learning

For nearly twenty years, American education has been under great duress, with teachers and administrators feeling the pressure to raise scores on academic achievement. But sadly, in order to provide teachers with more instructional time in the classroom, activities such as recess and physical education have been greatly diminished. For example, many of the elementary […]

Makemake, the Dwarf Planets, and Adjustable Height Seating

Since the days of Galileo or even Einstein, there have been few major arguments in the field of astronomy than the demotion of Pluto into a category of Dwarf Planets, requiring all science textbooks to be altered for the up and coming generation of young scientists. But so much attention has been given to the […]

Protect Your Students from Two of the Most Common Eye Injuries

Since the time we were children, we’ve been reminded over and over to wash our hands after getting them dirty. And the main reason, especially for the littlest of children, as that they might end up rubbing their eyes with dust, sand, or some other foreign body. The scratched eye, also known as a corneal […]

Conserve Water with a Gooseneck Faucet

Science education is all about observation. Some call it the WYSIWYG Theory, or What You See Is What You Get. So it goes with the science classroom itself, where students often look around at the various items in the room to see what kinds of tools the teacher might use. And often times, during the […]