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Maximizing the Science Lab Workstation

Over the last decade, science workstations have evolved from ordinary, metal tables and stools to full fledged storage units with sinks and compartments. With such a wide range of options for stocking your science lab and creating space for students to work, Classroom Furniture provides a full service center Science Lab Workstation that can maximize […]

Virco Technology Tables Hide Obnoxious Wires

Some day in the future, our wide ranging technologies will not need to charge every few hours. We’ll have a laptop or a phone that can hold a charge for weeks or even months. Or so we’d like to believe. For now, however, our laptops, our Kindles, and our phones will all have to get […]

Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition

The great summertime challenge for every teacher is knowing how to balance rest and relaxation with a desire to prepare for the next school year. Classroom Furniture expects that the average teacher will be and should be enjoying their break from students for the next few weeks, but that won’t stop us from selling the […]

Benefting from Science Team Workstations

When it comes to elementary and secondary science classrooms, the lab is typically a miniature model of the larger, more adult laboratories, giving students the chance to imagine what life would be like if they were scientists in the real world. And for the most part, what the lab encourages is teamwork. For example, after […]

Summertime Teachers and New Technology for the Next Year

Over the summer, teachers all over the country take several weeks off, but rarely do good teachers spend that time doing nothing. In most cases, they’re already planning for the next year, attending various trainings, investing in classroom furniture and resources, and studying new methods for instruction. Teachers want to be successful in the lives […]

Falling into the Woodwork with Quality Science Furniture

Students expect their science teachers to praise quality work and rightly so. A great science fair project, an effective demonstration, or a moment of success in the midst of a science experiment are all worthy of recognition by good teachers who know the value of positive affirmation. But what can be said of the supporting […]

Avoiding the Runaway Science Lab Table

By now, almost every elementary and secondary school teacher throughout the country has stacked chairs and pushed desks or tables into a corner so that the cleaning crew will have space to work throughout the summer. Sweeping, mopping, and waxing the floors will become the main priority after the students are no longer in the […]

Supporting Healthy Movement with Virco Lab Stools

When Virco introduced their Healthy Movement program a few years ago, furniture buyers found it easy to get on board. Virco has long recognized the challenge of diminished movement in elementary and secondary classrooms. In many schools, elementary students no longer get recess and are forced to sit through hours of instruction without having much […]

Science Lab Stool Adds Seating in Smaller Schools

Finding the right school for our children can be downright hard. Teachers might give a bad first impression. Principals might seem too strict. The neighborhood might seem a little unsafe. Parents look at all of this and more, hoping to provide the best educational environment possible for their children. Of course, the schools that are […]

The Circulating Value of a Fume Hood

Several years ago, Colgate University developed an implementation and maintenance plan for the use of fume hoods among faculty, students, and researchers on the campus. Fume hoods are one of the best ways to ensure that a researcher, both graduate and undergraduate, can work with dangerous and reactive chemicals while minimizing their potential for exposure […]