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Sharing Literature with Rack Dividers in the Front Lobby

While teachers work through the summer on planning and rearranging their classroom furniture, there’s an entirely different part of your school that probably needs a little bit of attention as well. Your front lobby is the first place that parents and prospective new hires will get a good or bad impression of the school. Unfortunately, […]

Free Standing Partitions and the Illusion of Privacy

Less than six weeks ago, 29-year-old Edward Snowden was an outsourced computer technician operating on behalf of the National Security Agency (NSA). At the time, he was relatively unknown throughout most of the world, but over the last several years, Snowden has had serious reservations about the operational standards of his organization. In particular, he […]

School Records, Student Security, and Classroom Furniture

From the moment each child enters Kindergarten (and sometimes preschool), they begin a student file that moves with them from year to year and school to school. These school records are powerful snapshots of a child’s successes and failures, as well as their potential for greater gains down the road. Ensuring the security of these […]

Keeping Your Student Records Confidential

Benjamin Lewin, a middle school science teacher from Manhattan, is currently under investigation for allegedly displaying the confidential medical records of a student on a big screen projection in front of the class. Of course, Lewin says that the records were displayed unintentionally, but the student’s mother is deeply concerned and currently suing him for […]

Recreating a Library on Wheels for Your Campus

Libraries have taken a big hit over the last number of years. In a world where everything revolves around mobile phones and mobile eReaders, we might ask ourselves how libraries have even survived the changes in society. One method of survival requires the ingenuity of librarians and media specialists who are tasked with the responsibility […]