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Developing a Long Term Relationship with Classroom Furniture

Some say that marriage is built on trust and loyalty. Others say love and respect. But in the end, any number of words could be used to describe the “it” factor that makes a marriage work. What we know for sure is that marriage involves two people who make a long term commitment to one […]

No More Dragging Desks with New Virco Agile Series

Kids love to be a teacher’s helper. They want to sharpen pencils. They want to file papers. They want to sweep the floor. For teachers, these are just the everyday tasks that make up the job, but for students, these small responsibilities give them a sense of value and importance in the classroom. Students become […]

Achieving Ergonomics with Virco

One of the most popular, but underrated topics in classroom furniture is ergonomics, a study of the relationship between people and the environments that either do or do not enhance their physical and cognitive qualities. For years, men and women have been taught not to slouch or demonstrate poor posture, but the furniture we gravitate […]

Virco Chair Desk Satisfies Classroom Necessities

Last summer, introduced buyers to the Martest 21 Desk Chair, a school furniture product that alleviates the need for buying two different pieces, then having more of one than you need of the other. If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what this means. Excess chairs, but not enough desks. Too many desks, not […]

Virco Open-Front Desk Great for Departmentalization

Years ago, every classroom in every school was considered to be a self-contained learning environment. One teacher would be responsible for the same 20 students (approximately) within each subject area. In other words, if you were a 9-year-old Fourth Grader at Johnson Elementary School, you might have known some of the other teachers on your […]

Think Balance when you Think Geometric Zuma Desks by Virco

Around this time of year, the main subject for elementary school math teachers is geometry. Students have, by this point, covered their areas of calculation (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) and are ready to see where those hard-earned math skills are most useful. Geometry at their age means understanding shapes, angles, area, and three dimensional objects. […]

Award-Winning IQ Series is Greenguard Certified

More than ten years have passed since Virco introduced their I.Q. Furniture line to the school furniture market. Ideally created to diversify and compliment every learning environment from colleges and universities to K-12 schools and day cares, the durability, distinctiveness, and design integrity have set the bar of ergonomic importance incredibly high for all other […]

Virco Creates School Furniture with Corporate Stewardship

Classroom Furniture designers are always in danger of creating a product that looks interesting, but doesn’t meet the needs of educators and students in the field. Virco operates on an entirely different ideal. They’ve established a program called Corporate Stewardship that was designed to satisfy their overall mission and deliver competitive, sustainable returns to those […]

Solving the Crowded Classroom with Virco

One of the greatest challenges that every teacher faces is the arrangement of his/her classroom furniture throughout the school year. Educators do their best to maximize space, yet they’re often forced to accept extra desks, extra chairs, extra cabinets, and extra tables simply because there’s no other place to put the additional school furniture. Enter […]

Adjusting the Right Hand Tablet with Virco

On Thursday, focused on the popular Virco Metaphor Series, describing several of the products that make up the collection. One item that was not mentioned is the Chair Desk with an articulating right hand tablet arm. And while most of the Virco Metaphor Series will leave you talking about comfort, the very existence of […]