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Cafeterias & Classrooms During Summer School

For most students, May and June marks the end of one grade and the beginning of the next. Two months off and no more homework from their teachers. In reality, school never closes. Many teachers, staff, and administrators end up coming back during those few weeks to teach summer school, attend trainings, and prepare for […]

Developing a Long Term Relationship with Classroom Furniture

Some say that marriage is built on trust and loyalty. Others say love and respect. But in the end, any number of words could be used to describe the “it” factor that makes a marriage work. What we know for sure is that marriage involves two people who make a long term commitment to one […]

Move Over Metaphor, Bring on the Analogy Series

For years, Virco designers have been crafting some of the most ergonomic and innovative chairs that they labeled as part of their Metaphor Series. And the truth is, Metaphor Chairs continue to rank very high on the classroom furniture market. But Virco has now gone a step further, shifting away from metaphors in order to […]

No More Dragging Desks with New Virco Agile Series

Kids love to be a teacher’s helper. They want to sharpen pencils. They want to file papers. They want to sweep the floor. For teachers, these are just the everyday tasks that make up the job, but for students, these small responsibilities give them a sense of value and importance in the classroom. Students become […]

Supporting Healthy Movement with Virco Lab Stools

When Virco introduced their Healthy Movement program a few years ago, furniture buyers found it easy to get on board. Virco has long recognized the challenge of diminished movement in elementary and secondary classrooms. In many schools, elementary students no longer get recess and are forced to sit through hours of instruction without having much […]

Satisfying Healthy Movement with ZRock Chairs

Kindergarten teachers may have the toughest job in education. Unlike daycare leaders or camp counselors, the kindergarten teacher must combine rigorous instruction with training on social behaviors. Every 5-6 year old enters school with a great deal of information they’ve learned at home, but in many cases, kindergarten provides one of their first experiences interacting […]

Virco Chair Desk Satisfies Classroom Necessities

Last summer, introduced buyers to the Martest 21 Desk Chair, a school furniture product that alleviates the need for buying two different pieces, then having more of one than you need of the other. If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what this means. Excess chairs, but not enough desks. Too many desks, not […]

Virco Zuma Chairs Defined by Innovative Cantilever Architecture

Between World War I and World War II, much of the international community enjoyed its own version of the Roaring Twenties. Innovation was peaking, money was flowing, and peace seemed more than plausible. Mart Stam, a Dutch Architect and furniture designer, was barely a young man before the eyes of architectural creativity struck gold. Soon […]

Virco Metaphor Chairs Support the Unsung Heroes

When we think of an educational environment, we tend to think of teachers, principals, secretaries, librarians, and guidance counselors. These are the roles that seem to have the most direct impact on students, parents, and essential learning. The group we tend to ignore above all others is the janitorial staff, the unsung heroes who ensure […]

Sticking with the Traditions of Fabric and Vinyl

We’ve come a long way since the 1970s, when polyester and flowered vinyl adorned our kitchen tables and chairs. And yet, despite how much we still cringe at the thought of those old-fashioned styles, fabric hasn’t changed that much in the last 40 years. In fact, nearly all major functions held in a school auditorium […]