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No More Trouble Finding the Right Classroom Furniture

One of the biggest complaints from classroom furniture buyers, and understandably so, is that no single store has everything they need. A piece here and a piece there, but no comprehensive way to buy each and every piece with one purchase. Consumers are picky and they should be. Colors, styles, and designs are crucial to […]

Teaching from the Desk

When we typically think of teaching, we like to imagine the most animated of teachers moving around the room and interacting with students all the time. Certainly this is true of many teachers, but there are others who are just as effective at educating without moving much beyond the front part of their classroom. Consider […]

Protecting Classroom Technology with Virco Storage

Earlier this year, Pacific Elementary School was robbed of nearly 60 iPads before anyone arrived at the California school for work. Due to the clouds and fog around that time of day, cameras were not able to pick up the best image of the thieves, but it has been made clear that they knew what […]

Benefiting from the Furniture of Robert Mills

The award winning team of Peter Glass and Robert Mills is probably one of the great tandems in the industry of school furniture. As we mentioned yesterday, the Virco TEXT Series is a solid representation of their craft. They’ve even pushed the boundaries of their original idea by creating a Virco Tilt Top TEXT Table; […]

Benefiting from the Furniture of Peter Glass

Every piece of classroom furniture that we sell is a product made from the careful labors and skills of a professional designer. For example, the Adjustable Height TEXT Seminar Table was designed by the award winning team of Peter Glass and Robert Mills. Together, they crafted one of the least obtrusive (space-saving) rectangular tables on […]

From One Mobile Cabinet to Another

Four months after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the coastline of New Jersey and parts of New York, Governor Chris Christie has organized what he calls “mobile cabinets” that are designed to help aid communities that are still struggling to get on their feet. “The idea here,” says Christie, “is to get into the communities that have […]

School Records, Student Security, and Classroom Furniture

From the moment each child enters Kindergarten (and sometimes preschool), they begin a student file that moves with them from year to year and school to school. These school records are powerful snapshots of a child’s successes and failures, as well as their potential for greater gains down the road. Ensuring the security of these […]

Virco Embraces the New Wave of Classroom Technology

Classrooms have come a long way from the days of chipped, wooden desks and uncomfortable chalkboards. And while educators have certainly learned to adapt to new methods of instruction, such as the arrangement of classroom furniture into community groups and cooperative learning, one of the recent waves of attention has been on the increased use […]

Virco Protects Your Computer, Makes Classroom Furniture More Accessible

There’s no question that young children are using more and more computers in the classroom. And why shouldn’t they? Our society is full of 21st Century mobile technology, ranging from laptops and Kindles to iPhones and Blackberries. But while most adults are focused on thee many forms mobile communications, our children are, more often than […]

The Virco Computer Island

When we think of a computer lab, the images that come to mind almost always include something we take for granted: the tables. The average weight of a desktop computer is approximately 20-30 pounds, with plenty of cords and wires for children, especially those in primary grades, to trip over. In order to provide confidence […]