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Sharing Literature with Rack Dividers in the Front Lobby

While teachers work through the summer on planning and rearranging their classroom furniture, there’s an entirely different part of your school that probably needs a little bit of attention as well. Your front lobby is the first place that parents and prospective new hires will get a good or bad impression of the school. Unfortunately, […]

Preparing for Small Classroom Groups with Half Moon Tables

Education has come a long way. Despite the fact that we still imagine a classroom fully of forward-facing desks and teachers that never smile, the reality of the modern classroom is entirely different than the one we see in those old TV movies. More often than not, teachers interact with students on a regular basis […]

No More Trouble Finding the Right Classroom Furniture

One of the biggest complaints from classroom furniture buyers, and understandably so, is that no single store has everything they need. A piece here and a piece there, but no comprehensive way to buy each and every piece with one purchase. Consumers are picky and they should be. Colors, styles, and designs are crucial to […]

Virco Technology Tables Hide Obnoxious Wires

Some day in the future, our wide ranging technologies will not need to charge every few hours. We’ll have a laptop or a phone that can hold a charge for weeks or even months. Or so we’d like to believe. For now, however, our laptops, our Kindles, and our phones will all have to get […]

Celebrating the Arts with Virco

Earlier this month, Paloma Elementary School (San Diego) enjoyed an entire day of painting, crafts, word games, dance, and other creative activities as part of their Celebrate the Arts Day, which they hold every two years. With so much focus on testing and academic standards, the students of Paloma were deeply enriched and widely inspired […]

Teaching from the Desk

When we typically think of teaching, we like to imagine the most animated of teachers moving around the room and interacting with students all the time. Certainly this is true of many teachers, but there are others who are just as effective at educating without moving much beyond the front part of their classroom. Consider […]

Considering the Sage Series from Virco

Earlier this month, introduced you to the work of Peter Glass and Robert Mills, two incredible minds who have consistently joined together to create some of the most original classroom furniture on the market. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of their well known chairs, designed for Virco customers in particular. […]

Protecting Classroom Technology with Virco Storage

Earlier this year, Pacific Elementary School was robbed of nearly 60 iPads before anyone arrived at the California school for work. Due to the clouds and fog around that time of day, cameras were not able to pick up the best image of the thieves, but it has been made clear that they knew what […]

A Virco Lectern without the Sulfur

If you’ve turned on the television or surfed the internet over the last 24 hours, then you’ve probably seen the news: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died on Tuesday, March 5, from complications related to cancer. Reactions to his death have been extremely mixed, since he was well known for making boisterous statements and sharing his […]